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Death Race

I’ve been drawing these races since grade school. Recently I put together a large version, animated some closeups and put it to music. I like it. Let me know if you want to see more.


Family Life

Parent of the year

Parents leave you in flipping Rexburg

My two oldest daughters are attending college at BYUI in Rexburg Idaho.

For those of you not familiar with Rexburg, I will help. Imagine a town, close to nothing. Far away from airports, bus stops, trains, liquor stores, dispensaries, Starbucks. It’s like the town in Footloose. BYUI — That’s Brigham Young University: Idaho — is a great school. You go there to learn. My kids are going there to learn and stay outta trouble.

Thanks to COVID-19, the world is shutting down. That world includes BYUI. Classes have all been moved online for the rest of the semester where possible.

Once that announcement was made, there was a massive stampede of kids getting outta town. My children, however, are still there. My oldest is married. She and her husband are sticking it out as Rexburg is now home for them. My #2 daughter is a prisoner in her dorm until I make the trek to get her.

We talk every day. With everybody gone, the social scene is gone as well. The only people left are introverts, locals, weirdos, (but I repeat myself) and kids who have parents too lame to fish their precious children out of campus. Our phone conversations are really good. I think we have actually grown closer with everybody being apart (my take).

So amidst the drama of everything shut down, there’s plenty of time to do homework. Grades are holding steady. We also have time for memes.

Yes memes. Behold…

We are picking her up this weekend.


Long time coming

My go-to crutch for trying to be productive is my trusty a things-to-do list. Each morning I jot down a list of all the tasks I need to knock out for that day. I firmly believe that the satisfaction I get out of crossing things off this special list releases endorphins. I LOVE IT. However, there is the occasional to-do item on my list becomes more of a long-term wish instead of something that needs to actually be dealt with.

One of those zombie to-do items that would never go away was the very website you are visiting right now.

Try as I may, I just couldn’t decide on what to do, how to style things, or what to even say. This block has been going on for a long time. Seriously. Days went to weeks, weeks to months and well… you get the idea.

Then something happened. COVID-19 dropped and my t0-do list was one of the first casualties. Much of my business happens with events industry. With this current pandemic happening, my scheduled jobs began dropping off the calendar.

Where I would normally be knee-deep in work, I was suddenly left with nothing to do. It’s scary.

Sooo… here I am, putting myself back out there and hoping to solidify my online presence that has been long-neglected. Is the new my dream site? Nope. But, for now, it’s good enough.

There’s more to come my friends.

It’s gonna get better.